Hi my name is Geoff Winter and I’m the Senior Pastor here at Manifest Love Church and Ministries.


My life was radically healed 25 years ago as I responded to a challenge to let Jesus heal me. As an atheist I had fought off every conversation about Jesus and His power to heal, so no one was more surprised than I was when I was dramatically delivered from long-standing depression. My  life was so dramatically changed, that my wife who was also an ardent atheist, seeing the change in my  life and my  healing, also challenged God to make Himself real. The reality of God touching her life and making Himself real so changed her that our shipwrecked marriage was miraculously healed and both of us have gone on to serve the Lord.


Our challenge to you is,


After spending the last 25 years walking with God and learning the ways of God, I now travel the nation teaching people how to connect with God’s power to heal and to be delivered.

We challenge you to come and receive prayer for your healing! You will learn how to be connected to God and how to access faith in His miraculous provision. You will learn the hindrances and roadblocks to healing and how to remove them so that the healing can flow. You will learn how you can be filled with God’s presence and experience his power in you daily life.


1. Was a successful dairy farmer, shearing and fencing contractor till marriage imploded and was deemed irreparable. Consequent burn out followed.

2. Saved in spring of 1989 form suicidal bouts of depression in the midst of a ship wrecked marriage.​

3. Wife Alison got saved in 1990 , 9 months later. It was a supernatural transformation of our lives.

4. Began fellow-shipping at AOG Church in Tokoroa.

5. God called me supernaturally into the music ministry as  Music director and I began writing songs.

6. Became an Elder. in the AOG Church and was raised up through leadership and groomed as a pastor.

7. Began every morning prayer meetings at 6:30 a.m at the Church which I ran for many years. This was a turning point in my life and was the real place of commissioning in the anointing.

8. Functioned faithfully in every area of ministry, preaching, teaching,counseling  and prayer ministry and began doing itinerant preaching.

9. God led us to leave the farm through a number of supernatural   events to go into full time ministry and we moved out to Te Aroha.  After 18 months of wilderness experience God brought people in off the road who got healed and saved and Pastor Phil Mellar of the Mountain View Apostolic Church suggested I plant a Church. Before long I had a Church on the Marae and then a building in town. The church grew quickly with a real move of the Holy Spirit and signs following.

10. Was ordained by Pastor Bob and Laura McGeorge under the Abundant life Churches as a Pastor. Ran every morning prayer meetings. Amazing testimonies of lives saved, healed and delivered. Found my self and family over run with the harvest.

11. Did overseas ministry in Uganda.

12. Began prison ministry at Waikeria Prison which continued for ten  years, powerful times and amazing miracles.

13. Went to Canada to spend a year in the School of the Supernatural to learn about Crusade Evangelism.

Manifest Love Church and the Ministries involved around it are the product of what God has been building in me and teaching me for the last 27 years. From the very beginning God has Manifest His Love in me and through me and allowed me to partner with Him in seeing countless lives come to Christ and be eternally changed by the power of His Holy Spirit.

What I’ve come to see in the vast majority of Christians, is that they live far below their God given rights and privileges as “sons and daughters of God. “The price that Jesus paid for us with His blood, and the substitutionary  death on the cross of Calvary, was to make it possible for us to have access to all the blessings of heaven NOW! The significance of what that means and how to walk it out in the world around us is our life mission with the added bonus of eternal life. Praise God what a glorious work of deliverance Jesus has won for us through the Cross of Calvary!

My life mission, and the mission of this church and ministries, is to teach and to bring as many people as possible into the knowledge of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and into their inheritance as “sons and daughters of God.”

The bible says that this will be done by a progressive revelation of Jesus as The Word of God and the indwelling transforming power of the Holy Spirit working on that word transforming our minds and our behaviors.

My whole experience with God has always been with Him confirming His Word in me and through me with signs following!

​We believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and that His gift of salvation includes, healing body, soul and spirit with deliverance, provision, protection and power to live Holy lives that honor God!

If You’re looking to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and to be equipped to fulfill your God given destiny then this Church is for you!

We have a mandate to raise up a Church full of empowered leaders who can minister in the power of the Holy Spirit and manifest His love in every area of our lives so if this sounds like you, don’t just turn up, SIGN UP!