“Watch Harris' testimony.”

, Harris

“I was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer in October. My husband’s barber Craig invited us to Pr. Geoff’s church (manifest love church). Pr. Geoff prayed for new organs in my body. I was healed and delivered from lot of things in my body. I got saved. My sisters were also blessed and saved. I can’t stop smiling. I believe and love Jesus and want to do whatever His purpose is for my life.”

Member, Sue

“I had a terrible tooth ache for quite a few weeks and couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t go for work and then Pr. Geoff prayed for me. I was instantly healed and the pain hasn’t come back. So I just want to say that Jesus is the Dentist!”

Member, Laurie McCabe

“I was suffering with cataract in my eyes and was waiting to get it operated. I also had other problems in my body. Pr. Geoff prayed for me and now I can see everything clearly whereas before it was blurred. I have received the healing from Jesus along with my sisters.”

Member, Ziva

“I was suffering from arthritis for quite a sometime. I couldn’t get up because of my sore back. I had difficulty walking as well. But Pr. Geoff came and prayed for me. Today I’m so blessed to be healed from arthritis and other problems. Thank you Jesus!”

Member, Loraine